The Artificial Beauty Beneath Bella Thorne’s Plastic Surgery

Bella Thorne has been under the spotlight since she was six years old. She has appeared in various TV shows and films. She’s only 19 years old but many critical observers say that Bella Thorne’s plastic surgeries are too premature. A showbiz career is demanding and competition is fierce. Practically growing under the public’s watchful eyes, her transformation was chronicled faithfully. Let’s see the wonders plastic surgery endowed Bella Thorne with.

At age 13 Bella looks like this. She’s got bright eyes and glowing cheeks. Her youthful effervescence clearly shows in this photo. Her natural blonde locks were dyed auburn.

A year later, her looks became quite mature. She was wearing too much makeup here. Look at how prominent her nose is. Her lips are shaped nicely.

Bella Thorne was 16 in this picture. If you say her lips look awkward, you’re right. This is her first dip into lip injection. It didn’t do her any good.

She’s 17 in this picture. Look at her nose. It’s got finer lines now, compared to her natural nose when she was 14. She had lip injections as well, but this time they looked better.

This comparative pictures clearly shows the effect of rhinoplasty and lip injections. Her nose looked longer and slimmer, and her lips fuller, even without the red lipstick defining them.

It’s obvious that Bella Thorne’s plastic surgery extended to her breasts. Just look at the major difference in size and fullness. It’s a big growth in a span of three years.

Here’s another look at the chest implants. Since the photo on the left was taken in 2015, it means that she had breast implants sometime between 2016 and 2017.

Likewise, take a good look at her nose. The nasal bridge has finer lines and is definitely thinner. Her nose in 2017 looks more natural than the one in the 2015 photo.

So some augmentation was also done on her buttocks. It may be due to the exaggerated pose but it still is definitely fuller than in her 2014 photo.

Bella Thorne cannot wait to fully grow up. She looks so mature in this latest photo of hers. You can see the straightness of her nasal bridge and she continues to have lip injections. Some also say her cheekbones are higher now.